Balken Qom
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Jochen Hippler, Andrea Lueg (Eds.)
The Next Threat - Western Perceptions of Islam
London 1995



Introduction: Jochen Hippler and Andrea Lueg 1

Andrea Lueg
The Perceptions of Islam in Western Debate 7

Petra Kappert
From Romanticisation to Colonial Dominance: Historical Changes in the European Perception of the Middle East 32

Reinhard Schulze
How Medieval is Islam? Muslim Intellectuals  and Modernity 57

Fred Halliday
'Islam is in Danger: Authority, Rushdie and the  Struggle for the Migrant Soul 71

Azmy Bishara
Islam and Politics in the Middle East 82

Jochen Hippler
The Islamic Threat and Western Foreign Policy 116

Jochen Hippler and Andrea Lueg
Conclusion: Dealing with Islam 154

Notes on Contributors 159

Index 161


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