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Jochen Hippler (Ed.)

Nation-building –
A key concept for peaceful conflict transformation?

London 2005


Nation-building between international politics and the forming of

    1. Jochen Hippler
    Violent conflicts, conflict prevention and nation-building – backgrounds to a political concept

    2. Rainer Tetzlaff
    Globalisation and nation-building – not a contradiction in terms

    3. Joanna Pfaff-Czarnecka
    Democratisation and nation-building in ‘divided societies’

    4. Claudia Derichs
    Shaping the nation – ideological aspects of nation-building


Case studies

    5. Wolfgang Heinrich / Manfred Kulessa
    Deconstruction of states as an opportunity for new statism?
    Example of Somalia and Somaliland

    6. Dadfar Spanda
    Afghanistan – nation-building in the shadow of the warlords and the “war against terror”

    7. Jochen Hippler,
    Military occupation as an act of creation – nation-building in Iraq

    8. Dr. Dusan Reljic
    Between self-determination and multi-ethnicity:
    International players and nation-building in Bosnia und Kosovo

    9. Cyril I. Obi
    Nigeria: the oil state and the crisis of nation-building in Africa


Nation-building as a political strategy? –
Comments on development, foreign and security policy

    10. Jeanette Schade
    Between projectitis and the formation of countervailing forces – NGOs in nation-building processes

    11. Adolf Kloke-Lesch / Ulrike Hopp
    “Nation-building” or “nation-forming” – A development policy perspective

    12. Helmut van Edig
    Nation-building: a strategy for regional stabilisation and conflict prevention

    13. Heinz-Uwe Schäfer
    Nation-building: possibilities and limitations of external military contributions

    14. Jochen Hippler
    Nation-states out of the test tube? - Nation-building between military intervention, crisis prevention
    and development policy



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