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Jochen Hippler (Ed.)
The Democratisation of Disempowerment -
The Problem of Democracy in the Third World
London 1995


Table of Contents



Jochen Hippler:
Democratisation of the Third World After  the End of the Cold War 1

Joel Rocamora:
Social Movements and Democratisation in the Philippines 32

Peter J. Schraeder:
Political Elites and the Process of Democratisation in Africa 44

Claude Aké:
The Democratisation. of Disempowerment in Africa 70

Xabier Gorostiaga:
Problems and Chances of Democracy in Central America 90

Niala Maharaj:
Pathology and Power: The Failure of Democracy in the Caribbean 109

Achin Vanaik and Praful Bidwai:
Communalism and the Democratic Process in India 132

Joe Stork:
Oil, Islam and Israel: US Policy and Democratic Change in the Middle East

Azmy Bishara:
Democratisation in the Middle Eastern Context 173

Basker Vashee:
Democracy and Development in the 1990s 195

Susan George:
The World Bank and its Concept of Good Governance 205

Liisa Laakso:
Whose Democracy? Which Democratisation? 210

Franz Nuscheler:
Democracy: A Fragile Export 220



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